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125 years of experience in special machines, make us to your competent specialists around the blind stitch and over edge seam.

"We" the Strobel Spezialmaschinen GmbH:

are your international leading and innovative partner in the realization of demanding for customer-specific solutions in the field of blind stitch and over edge seam.

  • manufacture simple blind stitch machine but as well technically complex special machines.
  • supply to branches like ladies' and men' garment manufacturer. To the shoe industry (well-known as technical term "to strobel"). To the leather and fur processing and for the field of technical textile.
  • follow the wishes and needs of our clients and find individual solutions for this - MADE TO MEASURE.
  • advise our clients with expertise.
  • provide for the machinery supplied by us services over the whole life - worldwide.
  • invest in research, development and continuous training of our employees and representatives. We assure us thereby the technical edge and the forward-looking progress for the benefit of our business partners.

Strobel machine                                                                   Strobel sideview



With this sturdy over seaming machine insoles are sewn to uppers. In relation to the conventional lasting method the Strobel-method saves quite a lot of material. With this machine leather or textiles up to a thickness of 7 mm can be sewn. Thereby the gathering device helps to sew in fullness of the upper. Optional equipment (different feed and front cups) enables the machine to manufacture children shoes or very delicate material. Even kits for string lasting (with strings up to 1,7 mm or up to 2,5 mm diameter) or for California-type shoes and a thread lubricator are offered.


With this heavy machine insoles are sewn to uppers. Even hard and stiff leather or textile material up to a total thickness of 8 mm can be manufactured easily. As both the feed cup and the front cup of this machine are driven, even bulky material can be sewn regularly. The differential feed (the speed of the front cup is adjustable while sewing up to 48% in comparison to the speed of the feed cup) and the gathering device enable to level up unwelcome distortion or to work in extra fullness even at bulky leather. Optional this machine can get equipped for California-style.