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Fagus® has developed and refined a shoemaker’s last which allows the total fabrication of the shoe on a single last. Compared with aluminum lasts this opens up many advantages for shoe manufacturers employing injection moulding techniques:

Fagus® is a specialist in high-tech plastic lasts for injection moulding. Drawing on many years of experience and know-how, we keep tolerances to a minimum, even on special custom orders.

Our standard injection moulding lasts have a 6 mm thick metal plate on the top edge which attaches to the last mounting point on the circulator, is picked up by a robot or by the Fagus® Lasting System EAM 3000.

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The lasts are hinged to allow easier fitting of uppers. The partition T2 last hinge is a special design for Strobel uppers which prevents the uppers on the front section slipping when closing the last.

Locking system: A new system developed by Fagus® keeps hinged plastic lasts locked together during injection moulding. This is important because it prevents PU material escaping during the injection moulding, damaging the shaft or requiring reworking.

The last has an integrated mechanical interlock mechanism which is activated by a special last pin inserted into the last sleeve. When the last is fitted on the pin, the last can be opened and the uppers removed.


Fagus lastsample

When the last is closed and removed from the pin, the internal mechanism is activated, locking the two pieces of the last into a single robust unit. The last can now be fitted to the last holder and the injection moulding commenced.

The last can be opened and closed either manually or using the newly developed Fagus® Lasting System EAM 3000. This system is equipped with a special pin.

The last is opened and close pneumatically by foot pedal control, reducing the workload on staff.

design konstruktion

Milled injection moulding lasts.

Today’s world of mechanisation, for example in automated production lines, requires lasts offering the utmost in precision.

The mould maker is spared the task of digitising the last and need no longer wait for the delivery of mould making lasts. The lasts are milled from high density
materials, producing either partition T1 or partition T2 hinged lasts.

Some production techniques require the use of particularly high levels of robotised production. This last allows the production of low shoes in conjunction with boots.
Fagus® has the versatility and flexibility to meet your requirements.