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DESMA supplies efficient and economical production systems of highest quality, reliably and fast, to footwear manufacturers worldwide.

DESMA stands for more than 70 years of solid craftsmanship combined with openness, innovation and the desire for change.


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Direct Soling: Direct soling machines are offered for single-or dual-density applications for the materials of Rubber, PU, TPU and other thermoplastics.
Combinations of the different processes are possible on the same rotary table.
Depending on the needs and the available budget, machines can be supplied in a very economical manner or fully automated utilizing the latest robot technology. Whatever your needs are, you will find the right machine with us.

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Unit Soles: Unit sole machines are offered for the materials of Rubber, PU, TPU and other thermoplastics. Combinations of materials or making multi-colour soles of the same material are possible.

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Robot Applications: DESMA supplies sophisticated yet simple to use robot applications for the following applications:
•surface roughing of uppers
•spraying of release agent
•spraying of adhesive
•trimming of flash
•handling of lasts, shoes and soles
•leading of PU pouring heads



DESMA develops complete production concepts for industrial PU boot manufacturing together with the customer. We help you to create a colourful world through flexible and swift colour dosing from boot to boot.

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 DESMA Mould Making Department: The DESMA mould department develops and produces sole moulds for customers and the complete DESMA machinery range.We work with our customers and are proud of our extensive customer consultation process. Our highly-skilled, creative team – supported by state of the art technology – enables the transfer of customers' plans and wishes into market success.

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